Melissa started practicing yoga several years back to relieve stress and musculoskeletal effects of working as a registered dental hygienist. She has always enjoyed being active, but yoga seemed to be the one thing she had been missing. With yoga, she learned to tune into her body and found a new meaning for being “healthy”.

As her job soon took her to travel the state, she had a high-paced schedule and often stayed nights away from home. Her way of finding grounding and balance throughout this time was to find the nearest yoga studio and to practice with other like-minded strangers…which never really seemed like strangers. She always felt welcome and learned that the yoga community is like one big family.

Melissa was taught from an early age that God provides us with natural resources for healing, but during this time in her life she started exploring the therapeutic effects of essential oils. She realized the connection between essential oils and yoga, and never saw the two as separate from that point forward. Melissa became a doTerra wellness advocate in November 2015 after learning about the purity and sourcing of this company’s products.  The specific uses of essential oils has become an intuitive knowing that she enjoys sharing with others.

Eager to learn more about the ancient practice of yoga and to grow her personal practice, Melissa completed Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in May of 2016 at EMYoga in Greenwood, MS. While teaching community classes during training, she recognized her love to share the power of yoga with others. After certification, Melissa began teaching small classes in an extra room at her house, which she named Yoga of Lancaster. She has also worked as the Community Yoga Instructor at North Sunflower Medical Center, where she designed specific practices for the community and employees to counteract work-related musculoskeletal disorders and teach tools to improve individuals overall well-being. As well, she planned and instructed sessions that include themed affirmations and visualizations with gentle yoga stretching for Behavior Health Services patients and Long Term Facility residents at NSMC.

Melissa opened Lemon Balm Yoga & Wellness in June of 2018, and she is excited to expand her love for yoga to more of the community. She loves teaching creative, self-loving, and spiritual practices where she incorporates yoga, essential oils, and biblical teachings. Gaining insight and knowledge from her own life experiences, she also has a heart for transforming the lives of trauma survivors through the practice of yoga. She hopes to encourage her students, through their yoga practices, to tap into the light and energy of The One True Source, so they are “light-filled” when they step off of the mat and emit God’s enlightenment throughout their daily lives.


  • E-RYT Registered Trainer / YACEP Provider
  • Primordial Sound Mediation Cert
  • Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Cert (200hr)
  • Yoga Trapeze Cert (25hr)
  • doTERRA Wellness Advocate
  • Sympathy of the Cells Trained
  • Registered Dental Hygienist


Marcella Simmons is classically trained in Pilates under lineages of Joseph A. Pilates himself. She studied under Jill Cassidy, who studied under the late Romana Kryzanowska, a student of Joseph Pilates, making Marcella a 4th generation trained instructor.

Trained in all Pilates apparatus, Marcella Simmons taught at Absolution in West Hollywood and has trained numerous actors, models, movie and music producers, and others including a former competitive gymnast and a cardiologist professional.
When the likes of Courtney Love and Carrie Fisher came calling, Marcella opened her own private studio in L.A. She has returned to her practice of Pilates now in Mississippi, continuing to teach the Joseph Pilates techniques that lengthen and ultimately transform the body.


“Hello, my name is Kenneth Hutton.  I have been officially licensed since March 2012 by the MS State Board of Massage Therapy. I have a passion for specializing in Sports Massage as well as Deep Tissue and Shiatsu Therapy along with Swedish massage.  I attended The Mississippi School of Therapeutic Massage in January 2011 and graduated with a Diploma in Massage Therapy in October 2011.

As a Massage Therapist I enjoy listening to clients stories of their current conditions so that I can figure out what brought them to their current pain state.  I truly owe all of the achievements to my teachers from the Mississippi School of Therapeutic Massage being that I utilize every possible step I’ve previously learned from the school as well as any new techniques that I have learned along the way of mastering my craft.  Nothing makes me happier than to see a client smile after their session.  It proves that I’ve succeeded in providing them with the relief they seek.

Massage Therapy is a combination of muscle manipulating techniques via either active engagement of the client and/or passive engagement of the therapist. On April 13TH, 2014 I began specializing in a newly acquired modality called Myofascial Release Therapy, which is a more advanced version of deep tissue massage.

Please feel free to give me a call any day of the week on my cell phone at (601) 896-4934.”

Photo(cover) creds: Landry Prichard