Lemon Balm Yoga + West Palm Pilates…Now offering specialty sessions at Heathman Plantation.

Trapeze Yoga

A modern style of yoga, this suspension yoga system incorporates a hanging soft fabric hammock to explore alignment, release chronic tension by spinal traction, hang around upside down, and have fun! This dynamic movement is the perfect meshing of yoga, aerial, and TRX workout! The 3 levels of handles allows for upper body and core strength building. Appropriate for all skill levels. For experienced yogis, trapeze yoga will add a new dimension to complement your existing practice. For those with little or no yoga experience, trapeze yoga is a great place to start. Every class includes decompression, supported inversions, core and upper body strengthening, deep relaxation, and fun!

Offer Private & Semi-private sessions. Semi-private classes are limited to 4 people.

Class levels:

  • “First-time Flyers” – Beginner Trapeze Class
  • “You Can Fly” – Mixed Level Trapeze Class
  • “Frequent Flyers” – Level 2 Trapeze Class

Beneficial for Relieving back pain; Increasing strength: grip, posterior chain, core; Deepening flexibility; Improving balance; Improving overall fitness. NOT recommended for those who are pregnant, have had a recent surgery, have glaucoma, heart disease, very high or very low blood pressure, easy onset vertigo, osteoporosis/ bone weakness, and/or other serious medical concerns.


  • Come dressed in comfortable clothing that is free of sharp objects. NO exposed zippers, exposed snaps, or rhinestones, as these can snag and rip our fabric hammocks.
  • Remove jewelry such as necklaces, watches, bracelets and rings with prongs
  • Take shoes and socks off when entering the yoga hammock room.
  • No playing or practicing on yoga hammocks unless instructor is present and class is in session.
  • Schedule 60 minutes uninterrupted
  • Avoid eating heavy 3 hours before practice

Start/End Time. Classes are scheduled for 60 minute blocks. If class starts late due to student delay, or if class is interrupted by student, teacher will still need to end at scheduled time.

24 Hour Cancellation / Change Policy. Classes can be rescheduled without penalty provided a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice is given. If less than 24 hours, then class will not be refundable or transferred.

30 Minute Discovery Class and Initial Full Hour Class rate are set according to time and availability. Feel free to message me to inquire.

Trapeze Yoga Schedule at Heathman

Heathman Plantation

Built in 1911, this building served as a commissary, a post office, a voting precinct, an a medical office for the Heathman Plantation. Established in 1871 by J. M. Heathman, the property was on the site of an earlier plantation known as Dogwood. Following his death, Mrs. Heathman married James A. Crawford, who managed the property. A railroad depot was located here in 1888. The commissary building was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2012. We love the genuine, delta vibes of this location, and we’re excited to use this space for our “pop up” studio. We believe it to be the perfect space for centering yourself and meeting your wellness intentions in the new year and new decade.

Recently, Instructor and Owner of Lemon Balm Yoga & Wellness, Melissa Hughey, became a certified Yoga Trapeze instructor, and she is excited to be offering this unique, challenging, and incredibly fun class upstairs at Heathman Plantation beginning January 2020. Lemon Balm + West Palm will also be offering special events at this venue.

Heathman Plantation, 10 Billups Lane, Indianola MS 38751